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Anti Jellyfish sea pool & PLATFORM

Sea pool platform inflatable for boats

The inflatable sea pool provides a safe and secure area for children and adults to swim in away from jellyfish and other unwanted sea creatures. The pool also provides a great way of containing people so that they do not get swept away in currents. Each inflatable pool is quick, secure and easy to set up, taking up minimal space on board for storage.

Stock pools are usually available measuring 2,5m x 2,5m or 3,5m x 3,5m. Extra narrow perimeter pools can be built to ensure the smallest pack down size possible, or we can build large sunbed areas. Pools of over 20m long have been delivered for yachts. 

The pools are made from tough drop stitch material (the same as stand up paddle boards) and are therefore very firm under pressure so are rigid to walk and lounge on. 


The 2022 Dotshio inflatable jellyfish protection pools for boats, yachts, sailing boats, catamarans.

Thanks to its weighted net, the anti-jellyfish pool offers optimum protection. Swimmers can swim in infested water, the device now remote jellyfish. of varying sizes, 305x183x10 , it adapts according to the environment where it is placed: in the open sea at the back of a boat or on a busy beach.

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Anti Jellyfish sea pool infinity

305 x 183 x 10
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