Dotshio Efoil board “BETA”

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Beta surf boards efoil hydrofoil dotshio

1. Average speed: 20-30 km / hour
2. Maximum speed: 40-55 km / hour;
3. Battery charging time: 7 hours, with a quick charger it would be 2 hours.
4. Battery life: 60 minutes
5. Powerful lithium battery (27 Ah): rechargeable
6. High efficiency BLDC electric motor: 3000W, 48V27Ah;
7. Rotation rate: 5000 rmp
8. Flying Foil: full carbon (patented design)
9. Wireless waterproof controller: R / F type.
10. Safety control system: magnetic escape switch
11. Board size: 210 x 70 cm (normal size);
12. weight / load capacity: 120KG.
13. Net weight: 33 kg
14. Accessories: strap, table bag, remote control.
15. Package: standard, with wooden box packages.

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Beta surf boards efoil hydrofoil dotshio


Where we are?

Beta surf boards efoil hydrofoil dotshio

You will find this wonder in your online store selling e-foil boards in Alicante where you can find cheaper electric boards on the market, light and of great quality

We have the best efoil surf boards on the market at the most economical prices. On our website we show you a wide range of boards to enjoy this new way of surfing.

Technology has improved a lot in recent years and these e-foil surfboards generate great advantages over older models with different modalities.

To go out to slide, enjoy the sea, to race with your friends, to enjoy the waves, etc …

Growth in the use of surfboards with efoil propeller:

Surfing on electric e-foil boards is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, more and more people discover how good it feels to go outside with your board and enjoy it for hours, but it is not necessary to spend a lot of money you can buy a cheap e-foil board.

Whether to use it at sea, on a lake, or in the open ocean, you can enjoy your e-foil board and have a good time.

However, we shouldn’t spend a lot of money on an e-foil board. For this reason, we have made this selection with the best tables that are sure to fit your budget at,

So if you want to join in on the fun and are looking for a cheap electric surfboard to buy, look no further.

Remember that we are cheap and quality electric e-foil surfboards like this Epsilon surf boards efoil hydrofoil dotshio.

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If you have doubts about guarantees and returns, you can obtain more information on our “Guarantees and Returns” page.


Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 210 × 70 cm

306 reviews for Dotshio Efoil board “BETA”

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